Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What to wear to a wedding when breastfeeding

We're off to 2 weddings in September so the usual problem of What to Wear has raised it's ugly head. The problem is about a hundred times more challenging than usual though because I'm breastfeeding and still a good half a stone heavier than I used to be. You'd think a few retailers would have considered the needs of us breastfeeding mums who still want to look half decent and be able to feed our babies without having to strip off to the waist and sit on the loo. Unfortunately it seems this is not the case.

Just before I had resigned myself to squeezing into something from the back of my wardrobe and sitting on the loo whenever I needed to feed LTO, I stumbled upon Whistles' new A/W collection during a Sunday afternoon trip to Chiswick while the Husband was working. With the help of an extremely helpful shop assistant I made this rather delicious purchase, which I'm feeling rather smug about:

Depending on your colour preferences there were a good few dress options, so I'd head straight there if you're in a similar predicament. Getting into conversation with the lovely shop assistant, apparently I'm not the first breastfeeding mum to make this discovery, but I felt it necessary to share this piece of fashion knowledge to save at least one of you from a few hours of fruitless internet trawling!


  1. It does look rather lovely. Have you considered a wrap up sling? It is a great way to breastfeed without hands or without exposing!

  2. Ooh no, and I admit I've never heard of one. Where might I find one?