Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Great Shoe Debate

Without wanting it to, walking has become my #1 maternity leave pastime. I've always been a fan of walking, but I now seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time pounding the streets with my pushchair.

This isn't for fear of getting the bus (although I have yet to get the tube with a pushchair - full-on fear still reigns on that front). It's simply easier, means LTO is more likely to go to sleep, and reduces my guilt levels about the vast quantities of cake I seem to consume on a daily basis.

As great as this is for saving on bus fares and burning off those extra pounds that are still lingering, it presents a rather large challenge:

What to wear on one's feet.

All my shoes are completely unsuitable for the ridiculous distances I seem to cover. Flip flops, ballet pumps and plimpsoles all look great but mean I end up with very sore feet, legs and back, and get out of bed like an old lady in the morning.

As someone who used to compete in triathlons before I got pregnant, this does not make me happy.

The solution: I have resorted to wearing my running trainers.

This has never been a look I've wanted to channel (apologies to all those from North America who may not understand why I have such a problem with this), and I really don't dig it, but needs must.

As much as this seems to be improving my physical well-being, it doesn't do much for the Grazia-reading part of me who would really rather leave the house feeling a least vaguely attractive.

So my question is:

Is there an alternative?

Answers on a postcard please.


  1. Sorry I won't be of any help here, i am addicted to pumps, converse, flip flops, etc. The flatter the better. I haven't walked in heels for nearly ten years and when I try it is disastrous: aches, falls, disgracious look. HOWEVER I have to admit that I am definitely not so keen on running trainers as everyday look either... Hope you get good advice there :)

  2. Ha! I'm from NY but learned very quickly that running sneakers are not a good every day look in this part of the world! I do walk a ton with my little one in flip flops and pumps (but comfortable ones that are well broken in) and also less athletic trainers likes pumas that look a bit better but are still relatively supportive. Good luck.