Tuesday, 31 August 2010

More tales from the campsite

Once we'd fully dried off the next day, things were looking decidedly up. A decent night's sleep cosied up in the camper with LTO right by us on the baby shelf, a bacon sarnie and coffee for breakfast, a hot shower, and all was well. Mostly though this was because our chosen campsite really is The Perfect Campsite. We'd been last summer, fell in love with it, and will probably go back every year from here on in. It has everything you could wish for in a campsite: the freedom to pitch your tent wherever you want, an amazing shop selling the farm's own organic produce, 14 collie puppies available for cuddles, a private beach and the piece de resistance - you can have your own campfire. Just wonderful. And extremely child friendly.

Because it's so perfect though, I hate to say it but I'm very reluctant to share the name with you, for fear that the whole world will descend on it next summer. So letters on a postcard please if you want to know - I may divulge the name, but only if you're extra nice....

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