Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The camping trip outcome

After all the debate about whether to take the baby bath camping, we bloody forgot it! About half an hour after we'd left home I suddenly remembered it wasn't with us, but we'd gone too far to go back for it. So that was that - our inability to remember everything we needed had made the decision for us and we were just going to have to cope without it.

But bathing LTO really was the last of our worries on day one of the trip. The rain starting pouring the minute we set off in the van (after a mere 2 hour wait for the breakdown man to come and jumpstart it!), and was still going strong when we arrived at the campsite. Trying to pick a suitable spot to camp in and put up a brand new awning in crazy wind and lashing rain was an experience that really could have put me off camping for life.

Thankfully LTO didn't start screaming until at least 20 minutes after we'd got there, by which time a very kind fellow camper had offered to give us a hand putting up the tent  - proof that camping folk really are a good sort. Once the screams started though, I had to figure out a way of feeding LTO in the van, which was completely chocca with all our stuff. As I sat there on a soggy cardboard box feeding him, I did wonder what the hell we were doing trying to camp with a 10 week old baby in the pouring rain. Serious sense of humour failure. If only we'd stayed at home and gone the next day, as sensible old me had suggested.....

For all my worrying about LTO though, he went down without a peep at about 7pm after his feed,without having had a bath! He was completely unfased by not being in the safe confines of home, which obviously pleased me no end. Quite what I was worrying about I don't know. The baby shelf was being put to use and by the time the Husband and I had changed into some dry clothes, sat in front of the heater with a big glass of red and some bread and cheese, suddenly everything wasn't quite so bad after all.

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