Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Update: first trip in the campervan

The Husband has won. We leave for Dorset first thing in the morning. Since he's the one who'll be driving the campervan in the pouring rain, I didn't put up too much of a fight. I have tried my hand behind the wheel on a couple of occasions, one of which was actually on the road, but I'm just too nervous to drive it again for fear of inflicting damage on the oh-so-precious van. The Husband would never forgive me if I crashed it, and although I've never crashed a car (I don't count driving into a concrete bollard in a multi-storey car park when I was 18), I don't know why I have such a fear of driving the van, but such is life. I figure I may as well enjoy the ride/snooze from the passenger seat.

So my challenge for the afternoon has been to pack. As little as possible. Given that I'm the World's Worst Packer, in spite of spending the last 10 years travelling overseas for work, this has been a tricky task. Packing for me and LTO? How many nappies/babygros/sleeping bags/clothes/toys should we really be taking? We've been away for a weekend with him, but 5 whole days, on a campsite? Although not a sicky baby to date, I do wonder whether he'll suddenly develop into one over the next 5 days, therefore requiring many more changes of clothes than I've carefully accounted for. But this is camping so surely we'll all be a bit scuzzy by the end of the trip, LTO included? Is that wrong though? It's obviously fine if I wear the same clothes everyday while we're there, but is it fair to inflict such camping rituals onto a 10 week old baby? I guess if my conscience gets the better of me I could do some rinsing out of clothes/sleeping bags etc on the campsite if need be? Aha! - use #3 of the baby bath. Maybe we should take it after all....

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