Tuesday, 24 August 2010

First trip in the campervan

We're supposed to be going camping tomorrow - our first holiday with The Little One. He’s only 10 weeks old but surely that’s not going to stop us, we said? We own a 1962 VW campervan (I say 'we', but really it's the Husband's – his baby before George arrived), and decided very early on that having a baby wouldn’t make any difference to our annual camping trips. The camper even has a self-appointed baby shelf inside, perfect for TLO to sleep on, and I have been fantasising about putting it to use from the minute the keys were ours. So what’s to worry about? Well, the camper has been in the garage all summer after failing its MOT. In theory it's fixed and ready to go, apart from the leaking roof and front windscreen, but I’m not convinced we’ll get there without the help of the breakdown man. The leaks wouldn't be a problem if the forecast wasn't for torrential rain tomorrow. Hmm. Husband still wants to go tomorrow (“we should be tough and just do it”), but I want to do the sensible thing and wait until Thursday when we’re less likely to drown on the way there. We’ll see who wins….

The question is, what do we do about TLO’s daily bath, which I’m convinced is the key to him settling so easily every evening? He’s been going down without a peep for some time now, so I’m very wary of upsetting his routine. Do we take the baby bath? Sub-ideal given how big it is and how we’re likely to be taking the entire nursery with us – just in case - although it could double up as a washing up bowl and even a pee bucket for those middle of the night emergencies?! That might be pushing it me thinks…The alternative is to subject TLO to a daily shower on the campsite. Think we should probably do a trial run in the shower tonight if that’s going to be the solution. Watch this space.

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  1. We went to my in-laws narrow boat when Leo was 3 months old and I had similar thoughts, I packed so much stuff that hubby would have gone nuts if I'd even suggested taking the baby bath!
    Saying that, he hated it anyway and had his first ever successful bath in the sink on the boat!